Monday, June 30, 2014

Norman Rockwell and the Monday Evening Club

The Club's secretary, Rabbi Harold Salzmann, has been a faithful member since 1955, missing only one or two meetings during that time. His friend Norman Rockwell joined the Club in 1961 and remained a member until his death in 1978. Here are a few items of Rockwelliana from Harold's collection:

A note confirming a 1969 date to deliver a paper:

A meeting notice announcing a meeting of the Club in 1969, at which Rockwell delivered his paper "Lunacy," about the U.S. space program.

A note confirming attendance at the January 5, 1970 meeting of the Club. Salzmann is an avid philatelist; hence the reference to a "postal-card."

Rockwell's regrets at not having been able to attend a Club meeting in 1974:

Rockwell's acceptance of honorary membership in the Club in 1977, about 18 months before his death:

Rockwell's check for $5 membership dues in 1976. Rabbi Salzmann put $5 of his own in the Club treasury and held on to the check!

The cover of Rockwell's autobiography...

... and the inscription in Salzmann's copy, with a cartoon of Rockwell's son Tom.

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